Stephen Pretz Jr.

Core Utopian Aspects

Freedom to Pursue Life Goals:

The need for this kind of freedom comes from the inability for many to pursue their life goals in the current makeup of the world today. Many people are disadvantaged by their family situation or income level and are left to take one or multiple jobs to live a bare minimum life style, unable to focus on themselves and pursue their own goals. Because of these reasons, the ability to pursue life goals for the people of a Utopian city is important in my belief as the quality of life for people who pursue have the ability to pursue their goals can be much greater than those who cannot. People will be able to do this with a universal living income regardless of position or level in whatever profession to ensure everyone has the ability to choose what to do in their own life without worrying about the financial aspect of it. The quality of life for someone that takes higher positions or more advanced positions will in turn be compensated for their work above that of someone whose goals are to work a more basic position.

Freedom of Movement:

Many people today in countries which do not grant the same level of freedoms that we are keen to in the United States can be restricted from this basic right, and is why the need for this in a Utopian society is important. The freedom to travel and move freely through the society grants people the ability to explore other cultures and lifestyles possibly influencing one to make these a part of their own lives. The ability to see the world in which they inhabit is important to understand their own position in the world and develop a sense of greater understanding. People who are able to travel the world relish in their experiences and develop a greater compassion and understanding for others. It also helps to understand how the decisions one makes affects those in their own community and others.

Government for Saefty:

Our governments primary responsibility is to protect us from outside forces, whether it be human, non-human, corporations, or any other entity with potentially hurtful plans. Governments though sometimes take this further than described and infringe on peoples rights in determining what they can and cannot do. The line between helping and hurting the people can sometimes be very blurry and therefore difficult to please everyone. For this Utopian society government’s only job will be securing the safety of its citizens, whether this means protecting and establishing rules to protect from other people, diseases or viruses, or businesses trying to unfairly take advantage of consumers. Private money will not be allowed to influence this government to be sure that the peoples concerns are of the utmost importance, not the wealthiest bidder.

Land and Housing Guarantees:

When brought in to this world, everyone should be equal in terms of the opportunities they can have to make something of themselves. If for some reason someone chooses not to fully strive for their utmost potential, they are still guaranteed land and housing. Depending on availability, land for those who want it should be a right so that they can live their lives without fear of someone taking everything they have from them. Same for housing, no one should have to worry in this day in age where they will be sleeping any particular night. These guarantees ensure that this Utopian society is equitable for all.


Advanced education, even in certain situations basic education is not always fair and available. Basic education can be vastly different for people of different geographies and income levels, leaving a need for basic education to be overhauled to be equal for everyone no matter of geography or income. Advanced education is ever increasingly more difficult to receive because of the rising cost, leaving many disadvantaged students unable to reap its benefits. Schooling being equal, available, and free to all who want it puts everyone on an equal playing field for a potentially rewarding career and does not cater to anyone unfairly. Utopian societies with more educated people can help foster the safe and understanding community that a utopia wishes for.

These items listed here are the basic Utopian aspects of any utopia I believe should be included to ensure the equal and fair treatment of all people. This utopia will also ensure the safety of the community so worry can be extracted from society.

Next we will look at how the infusion of technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics can provide for a better quality of life and a more connected society through the Smart City design features.

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