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The Vessel


In the past our world went through a period known as the Renaissance. This period in our history was a time of enlightenment, a time where people explored the Arts, developed revolutionary technology, explored the unknown. It is true how our time period has discovered/done many things, but with a more capitalist mindset, the goal to make money. We as humans, lost the drive of exploration, the inspiration to achieve more than we could see. It has become a time where we rely on online sources for every answer, not actually going out there to discover. The Renaissance Period was also known as the rebirth, a time to recover from the Medieval times. I believe our world needs a second Renaissance Period. The first was started in Europe, and it blossomed into this powerhouse, why not the rest of the world, why not go through a rebirth. The type of utopia I am going for is a place dedicated to betterment of humanity, a dedicated place of exploration, a place that moves around the world, a place of motivation. While in this process we could let the world heal, let it recuperate. 

Medieval Times influenced European culture tremendously. The Renaissance period was one aspect of medieval influence. The Renaissance was a time of regeneration, allowing European nations to concentrate on democracy and develop an appreciation of humanism, self-awareness and objective science. Today, many of these characteristics are strongly reflected in leadership. The rebirth showed us what it meant to be a good leader, and how to influence the industry in a positive and creative way. I’m not saying all parts of our current world are bad, but it has gone to a point where it feels as if we have been mind controlled. We are heavily dependent on the internet, we are glued onto our phones idolizing these social media prophets, and what? What comes out of it, just lust and dissatisfaction toward ourselves. The point that I am trying to come across is that there was a time where we as people were inspired by what was around us, and we would go off to foreign lands, uncharted places to fulfill that curiosity. People did not limit themselves, they went out there to make more of themselves. During these times they may don’t have the opportunity to go out, and achieve their dreams. We live in a time where it feels as though everything has been made, what can be done. There are creative minds out there, ready to make some revolutionary movements but are not acknowledged. The pitch for this utopia is a place of learning, a place of motivation where we as a society can motivate each other to strive for greater things, a place to further study the Arts and science, the core of many ideas. This would be a place where it is ever moving, not limiting itself in one place, one nation.  Imagine a floating structure, drifting from country to country. Giving the opportunity for people to experience other lands, recapturing the exploration mindset society had before.

Importance of Space

 There was a recent interview with Kanye West about his new space in Wyoming, a ranch he bought to develop his Yeezy Campus. He talks about how we as humans put ourselves in a box, limiting ourselves since birth. He compares a crib, house, and a cubicle as this mental box we surround ourselves. He is known for his mental health, and how he is trying ways to cure it. He says in the interview “ I’m trying out a different cure than medication. Fresh air. Fun. Inspiration. Space”(GQ). He emphasizes how being in a more open space is beneficial for mental health, how our current spaces are cluttered. There is stuff to be said about Kanye, but the concept of his campus is ideal for society. The Utopian space is meant to be a place of learning, understanding, and enlightening. The space you are in is important. We are in these spaces everyday, it should be a place where you feel inspired, and wanting to be there. People need that inspiration back. Travel does a lot for people. It is a way of learning more, understanding other cultures, and just overall beneficial for people. It blows my mind hearing people say they never left the country. In an article about the benefits of traveling the author writes

“ In recent years, psychologists and neuroscientists have begun examining more closely what many people have already learned anecdotally: that spending time abroad may have the potential to affect mental change. In general, creativity is related to neuroplasticity, or how the brain is wired. Neural pathways are influenced by environment and habit, meaning they’re also sensitive to change: New sounds, smells, language, tastes, sensations, and sights spark different synapses in the brain and may have the potential to revitalize the mind.”(Crane,Brent)

The Utopian space will always move, drifting from destination to destination around the world. People don’t understand other people because they question why they act how they act. To them it seems foreign, and not putting the extra effort of understanding. This Utopian space gives the people that experience of understanding others and cultures, enlighten them. 

Seen in the diagram below, you could see how the Utopian floating space is layered inside. The order of the layers don’t mean a type of hierarchy, but essentially the space each major study requires. The structure itself inside is all open, glass walls to be able to see other studies going on. It is designed like this to further motivate and inspire  each other, problems that may come up for one division, the other divisions could give some insight, who knows. With this style you almost destroy the concept of hyper specialization.

 In our world, it seems to be that in our lives we have to become a specialist in one field of work to make a living, and slowly you get consumed by it, you start to have a narrow mindset. Could there be issues with this style of space, could people see it as a type of hierarchy? Honestly yes, that is human nature, it is a mindset we have, that we are important, what I’m doing is essential. But as a society, everyone has a role, we are pretty much like a puzzle, each piece is needed. What gets alot of utopian society, making them into dystopias is humans and their mindset. It is true how not everyone will agree to the same ideas, each person has their own concept of what a perfect place is. Following a person’s ideology is tough, there is stuff you can agree and disagree with. What people need to understand that sometimes it is for the greater good, you may not agree with it, but it is beneficial for everyone. 

Synergy Among Society

One ideology that would be beneficial for this space is the idea of Synergy. Synergy means the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. In a more personal way of saying this is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  Synergy to me is the unspoken relationship you have with people, you work well together and are able achieve more than expected.  This day and age we truly feel we can do everything ourselves, but in reality a society is basically a huge team. It should be established to this society that there is a purpose for this space. They need to understand that you as an individual are here to better humanity, to further extend your knowledge. What needs to be established in this space is that this is not a race, you are not competing against your fellow people, but to better each other. What also needs to be established to get everyone on board is to capture their heart. Why work hard on something that doesn’t capture you, that doesn’t peak your interest. Another strong point about this space and the work to be done is feedback. This place is a workplace if anything, and hearing opinions helps. I feel in our society today, it is hard to speak up, we are here everyday trying to live and make ends meet, we don;t take that risk at times. These are the core structure/ideals of this place. We are a team, we are here to achieve things we could not fathom. 

Noah’s Ark V2

The Utopian space itself will capture the meaning of Renaissance, rebirth. You could almost say we are living through a modern day Dark Age, we are pretty much destroying this world slowly. Why not let it rejuvenate, heal from our dirty deeds. We are seeing the effects of what happens when humans are not always moving around, staying in place. Because of this Covid 19, we are seeing how our world is going through a detox of our dirty deeds. We see how the air is cleaner. There is a study showing how India’s carbon emission has drastically lowered down, and that country is one of the top 5. There are sightings of animals coming back to their lands like otters coming back to Singapore, orcas in North America,deer in Japan etc. The air is a lot more quieter as well, you can hear leaves rustling, grass moving. There are benefits of moving society from land to air. The pitch is a space that floats drifting from land to land, harvesting weather as a source of energy, and sea water as well. 

 Sustainable design of the floating utopia is most important. With this design I am aiming for the betterment of humans, and future generations. Climate change and non reusable energy consumption have a huge impact on sustainability. A floating structure can lead to many different possibilities for renewable energy, and energy consumption.The utopia seeks to reduce the negative impact of buildings on the environment by increasing quality and restraint in the use of materials, resources and space for construction. Below will be ways the floating Utopia would gain energy without being harmful to the earth.

Energy from the Sea

The goal of this utopia is to let the land heal, and the next best option to get new renewable energy is the ever elusive sea. From the ocean we can find new renewable energy sources like offshore wind farms, wave energy and photvolatic cells.

  • Offshore Wind power
    • this type of energy source comes from windmill farms that are placed in the ocean to harvest wind energy to generate electricity.
    • The goal with this is to almost make a charging port like the Tesla charging stations for the utopia to do a sort of pit stop
  • Wave Energy
    • Wave power is when we harness the energy from wind waves which would be used to create electricity.
    • This energy source is also used for water desalination and pumping of water.
    • The goal with this is to almost make a charging port like the Tesla charging stations for the utopia to do a sort of pit stop.
  • Photovoltaic Cells
    • Not really from the sea, but it is a electrical device that converts energy of light into electricity by the photovoltaic effect, which is a physical and chemical phenomenon.
    • With this idea, I plan to use the propellers on the utopia structure as type of solar panel to collect light energy form the sun.

Weather Control

As of right now, we don’t have the technology to harness the energy from weather, but it is doable. The floating utopia will navigate through the world, going country to country ha

The floating utopia will navigate through the world, going country to country harvesting certain weather as an energy source. The utopia utilizes weather charts, and predicts where it has to go next, what place has the ideal weather to go in and recharge. The sun’s energy is the cause of Earth’s weather. The author of an article about tracking weather saids 

“Seasonal changes are affected by land and water. Earth’s oceans are solar heat reservoirs. The winter temperatures of northern coastal areas are moderated by heat yielded by the oceans. Along with heat, moisture is added to the air, which becomes snow that falls over the continents. During summer, continental regions become heat reservoirs for solar energy. Rising and falling air currents generate winds.” 

As of right now, we don’t have the technology to harness the energy from weather, but it is doable.  It is easier said than done when it comes to harvesting weather as an energy source. These types of weather give off so much energy that our current technology can’t hold that much power.  The idea is that this stronghold floating utopia can go to even the worst weather and use it as an alternate energy source. 1 lightning bolt can keep a home lit for at least a week. In a way you could see the floating utopia as a huge battery that would be capable enough to  hold all that energy from the weather. The utopia can even go through tornadoes and hurricanes. You’re asking yourself how can the utopian floating vessel fly through that. A concept I want to implement is how a gyroscope works. It will have an outer shell that will withstand the weather, and inside is the living facility that is staying on its own axis to keep stabilization. Though this technology doesn’t really exist yet, there are places out there that are using the idea of gyroscope for natural disasters. An example of this is in China, there is a huge skyscraper that has a huge metal ball in it. It generates reaction force to negate shock or vibration caused by outside forces, so people inside the skyscraper can live and work in comfort. Another thing that has been in the works is implementing screw-like turbines to buildings.  With these, it is a sturdy way of gathering energy from tornadoes. 

Negatives of Utopia idea

So with every utopia there is always some type of downfall with it. The utopia idea I am saying is a place of work, a place of art and science, the betterment of humanity. Personally for me art and science are the core of every idea, every invention, etc. To some art and science isn’t everything for them. Issues I see that may arise is not following the core idea of this Utopia. I see people budding heads, claiming their profession is far superior than others. The other issue at hand is that most of the technology stated above, hasn’t been fully developed yet. The technology for weather control is almost impossible. Also the very idea that this place has no hierarchy, naturally humans create hierarchy, there needs to be some type of power that keeps everyone in check. I would pitch the idea of a leader who is elected based on their intellect, but that could create a type of tyranny. It is sad to say this type of stuff, but to sum it all up, it is because of human nature. Everyone has their own idea of what a utopia is, what a perfect life is.


My aim for this utopia is a society that lives in the air, and develop technology that fully utilizes the weather. What I am trying to show is if we put our differences aside, no religions, and purely focus on the well being of the people we can achieve an ideal society. I would say my utopia is new technology driven, a place that could adapt to any environment and use the weather in multiple ways. To summarize my project, I am trying to create a mobile utopia that could adapt to any environment, and truly focuses on art and science, trying to create a second Renaissance.

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