A Balance of Two Natures

With technology growing, we are finding ourselves at a loss of touch with nature and becoming more reliant on the technology that is available to us. The negligence of nature and the immersion of technology will cause issues in the future. In order to avoid this, there needs to be a defining balance of the two.

Nature/Natural Environment
Technology/Futuristic City

Looking at these two images above, where do you think we are heading more towards to? Me personally, I believe that we are heading more towards the Futuristic City side. However, this is not a bad thing at all! On the contrary, the possibility of our future cities looking like that is mind-boggling! But … one thing is missing for sure. And that’s the connection to nature. So, how can we fix this?

“Of the Cannibals” – Montaigne

“Of the Cannibals” gives us insight to two different worlds that Montaigne has experienced. With the New World and his world, he was able to see the stark contrast between them both. What makes the New World unique? Their connection to nature and the simplicity of life were key elements that he highlighted.

Thomas More’s Utopia

In Thomas More’s Utopia, he believed in managed work load hours for the people in his society. By working six hours a day, people were able to live off sufficiently as well as getting what is needed for them to supply their families.

Now … with these two readings, how does this play any part into my proposal of a Utopia?

My Utopia will focus on three main elements: Nature, Technology, and Architecture. Each of these will play a vital role into my city and will all correlate with one another. However, one element, Architecture, will be a catalyst for the landscape. In order to define the balance of Nature and Technology, each will be used separately and have different purposes but ultimately be tied together. To get an idea, the interaction to technology and nature in my Utopia would be as follows:

A person would be required to interact with nature using the designated spaces that offers different forms of nature. After a day’s work with advanced technology such as automation and artificial intelligence, a break with nature will allow people to have a moment of peace and tranquility. Simply put it, return to more simpler things after being exposed to advanced technology will have people realize the importance of both.

So what are these designated spaces of nature?

These are just a few of the many different designated spaces that will be offered in my Utopia. With the opportunity for people to create and offer input, these spaces will be beneficial for everyone. Depending what one person may be looking for, they can go to a specific space that will fulfill their needs. The opportunities are endless!

But wait … you mentioned Architecture being a catalyst to the landscape of technology and nature. How?

The architecture and landscape of my Utopia will be adjusted to the needs of the city and the people. This would allow for a more focused identity as it will reinforce the ideas and uses of space. This will ultimately demonstrate the contrast of nature and technology and showcase the strength that each offers.

A Balance of Two Natures proposes a Utopia that can be used by anyone freely and offers them opportunities with nature and technology. With managed workload hours, advanced technology and designated spaces of nature, people in my Utopia will be able to understand the importance that these two have in our lives. By finding the right balance, people will be able to understand the simplicity of life and the advancements to the future.

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